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Himake Cable was honorably invited to Finance Service Forum

  • Author:Himake Admin
  • Release on:2016-11-09
    On the 5th November 2016, Himake Cable was honorably invited to join the Finance Service Forum hosted by Shenzhen Onetouch Business Service Ltd. It had many times heated discussion and idea exchange, also Himake Cable gave a constructive statement, promoting a better finance service to all the cross border trade enterprises.

    As a business service company of Himake Cable, Shenzhen Onetouch Business Service Ltd.had provided a good business service before and promised to offer a better business service in the future including the finance service.

    Shenzhen OneTouch Business Service Ltd. (OneTouch in short), is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Alibaba Group, serving as the first and leading online platform providing professional import and export BPO (business process outsourcing) services to China’s  cross border trade enterprises.

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