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United States General elections "counter attack" Hillary Trump WINS

  • Author:Himake administrator
  • Source:The Beijing News
  • Release on:2016-11-10

Despite the United States mainstream media and pre-election polls clearly Favors Clinton, voters used the ballot box to express the different voices. Trump Despite winning all his advantages outside the State, also down an opponent advantage State of Wisconsin. In addition, Trump in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other "swing States" number of votes more than Hillary


Hillary9th toTrumpCall to concede. Trump to thank supporters after victory. He said: "I very much look forward to being yourPresidentI promise I won't let you down. "He also said, will rebuild the nation's infrastructure, and calls for bipartisan unity.

United States Brookings Institute Scholar daleier·weisite told Xinhua that "trump win shocked the experts felt" economic prospects of white, blue-collar and rural population voting Trump wins a big reason, they generally agreed that United States Has been in the wrong direction.

Businessman Khajuraho said: "I voted for Trump. I am confident that he will bring change to this country. "Jacquelin told reporters of Clinton's supporters said:" this is the last thing I want to see results, but this is the United States situation. About United States politician has reached such a high level of dissatisfaction. ”

8th, the United States also held 34 senators, all 435 members of Congress's re-election. Preliminary statistics show that Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate. According to the program, the new President Will be sworn in on January 20, 2017.