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US election kicked off the market profile of belonging to metallic strong need for intraday volatili

  • Author:Himake administrator
  • Source:SMM
  • Release on:2016-11-09

    This morning, United States Election results available, and results also led directly to the dollar bounced up and down, Hillary seems to be superior, but as 9:50, Trump has temporarily pioneer. Until the last results, who also did not dare to assert that. The only certainty is that currency fluctuations or more today.

  Overnight China three big Futures Exchange is again shots intervention, but market on China economic prospects prospect of good vision, still support bulk products market performance, and with black Department varieties again stronger, Mandarin commodity funds again sharply into, market risk preference of continues to enhanced, or still will boost both inside and outside disc metal performance, but from both inside and outside cities of compared view, Shanghai metal always keep strong, and LME market is always staged red green alternating, apparently LME market in Shanghai metal before has became followed who of role.

  Is expected today's market as a whole is strong style is unchanged, but the United States general election results may arise from the change of intraday volatility also required attention. A case study of Shanghai metal, some vulnerable species in the near future after a price surge, specification changes has not been synchronized following, continued signs of departure from, or hold the potential to emerge at high risk. (SMM Xu Hui)

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