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Southern Copper Workers Continue Striking after Talks Fail

  • Author:Himake Admin
  • Source:SMM.CN
  • Release on:2017-04-12

    SHANGHAI, Apr. 12 (SMM) – Labor union from Southern Copper in Peru indicated on Apr. 11 that they failed reaching consensus to end the infinite strike with the company after a long meeting on Apr. 10 night, reported by Webstock Information Systems.

    “The company rejects union’s major requirement to increase profit share”, said by the union’s leader Raul Urere, who represents 2,200 workers, “and two sides have scheduled another meeting on Apr.12”.

    The strike started from Apr. 10 after labor disruptions at Peru’s largest copper mine Cerro Verde and global largest copper mine Escondida early the year.

    Southern Copper indicated on Mar. 10 that operations were little affected, with Cuajone and Toquepala copper mines producing at 98% while Ilo refinery was operating at full capacity. However, the union said earlier that 80% of capacity was affected.

    The company has expanded copper output by 21% to 900,000 tonnes per year in 2016 due to an expansion at its one mine in Mexico.

    According to government’s data, Toquepala and Cuajone copper mines produced a total of 310,000 tonnes of copper last year.

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