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XI Jinping: China welcomes the United States to participate in "Belt and Road" cooperation

  • Author:Himake Admin
  • Source:Ifeng News
  • Release on:2017-04-08
Xi-Trump Meeting

     Xinhua News America, April 7 (reporters Chen Zhi and Li Zhongfa and Sun Hao)-7th local time, President Xi Jinping In Florida, United States Mar-a-Lago Resort With the President of the United StatesTrump Holding Sino-US heads of State The second formal meeting. The two heads of State on important pragmatic bilateral cooperation in international and regional issues of common concern and in-depth exchange of views. Both sides agreed that the meeting of the two heads of State were positive and fruitful. The two sides agreed to work together to expand areas of mutually beneficial cooperation, and control on the basis of mutual respect for differences.

     XI pointed out that Sino-US heads of State met the sea Lake Manor Sino-American relations Development is of special importance. My long in-depth communication with the President, deepen mutual understanding, enhance mutual trust, have reached many important consensus and establish a good working relationship. Both sides should continuously consolidate established relationships, deepen friendly cooperation and promote the development of Sino-US relations and benefit the two countries and the two peoples, to promote World peace Responsibility, stability and prosperity in our history.

     XI stressed that the relations have been each other\'s biggest trading partners, and the two peoples have benefited a lot. China Ongoing supply side structural reform, expanding domestic demand, services account for the national economy continues to increase.China's economy Will maintain the momentum of development, and broad prospects for China and strengthen economic and trade cooperation, the two sides should seize the opportunity. China welcomes the United States to participate in "Belt and Road" Within the framework of cooperation.