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Sincere thanks to all the Customers and Friends of HIMAKE

Sincere thanks to all the Customers and Friends of HIMAKE

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China Proposed Electric Power Transmission Line cross-border Nepal-Tibet

Himake Admin Cable network 2017-03-23 11:17:13
     Cable network  China Proposed construction of a cross-border Electric Power Transmission line, allowing Nepal Power trade with Tibet Autonomous Region.

     China's State grid Company officials three months ago to visit Nepal, and Nepal to discuss energy and power authority to build connected North of the border lasuwajiaji and Beijing-400,000 volt transmission lines.

     During the meeting, Nepal electricity authority Kulman Ghising expects the Chinese delegation proposed transmission line extends further South to gaierqi. It will make the project more useful, because it can be connected to the Nepal-India border transmission lines.

     "The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has proposed to Muzaffarpur-Dhalkebar-Hetauda transmission lines extending to the dahede area of gaierqi. "The Nepal Electricity Authority said," so if building extends to the gaierqi cross-border transmission line, which will provide a basis for tripartite electricity trade. ”

     Officials also asked Nepal to the national grid will be used in the future plans of the proposed transmission lines energy imports from China.

     Nepalese officials attending the Conference said that interconnection in order to replace connections with China India Power lines. Transmission lines for Kathmandu of China proposed the construction of the railway is also necessary.

     After the meeting, The Nepal electricity authority Komal Atreya specified monitoring Department head for the Chinese side to provide the necessary information for a feasibility study on the project.

     State power grid officials said is about to complete the feasibility study report and circulated in April of Nepal. After receiving reports, the Nepal Electricity Authority plans to upgrade the project to a new level.

     Sources said Nepal's initiatives should be taken at the highest levels, to make your projects come to fruition. Although ya Janardan Sharma, Minister of energy on the development of the transmission line, but took the initiative at the Prime Minister level, or the project will be difficult to achieve.

     Nepal's Foreign Ministry said plans for cross-border transmission line kapaer·dahaer discussed at the Prime Minister's forthcoming visit to China.

     Xiaerma·aoli, former Prime Minister of Nepal during his visit to China last year, Nepal and China signed a Treaty on the development of cross-border transmission lines for the first time. Subsequently, appointed by the Chinese Government to further promote the project to the national grid.

     Himake cable Respond positively to the country "Belt and Road" strategy, plans to meet the nation's energy exports, more domestic and foreign major power projects are committed to provide high quality Electric Wire and Power cable Products, making Himake cable benefits A broader range of people, renowned at home and abroad!