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Analysis of copper and copper

  • Author:Himake administrator
  • Source:SMM
  • Release on:2016-12-26

The December 23LMEGlobalCopperStocks fell by 1,275 tonnes to 334,525 tonnes, copper stocks in Asia, Korea Busan 1,500 metric tons to 62,275 tons, Singapore fell by 1,275 tonnes to 58,325 tons and the rest were unchanged.

LME CopperCancelled warehouse receipt 117,725 tonnes, accounted for more than 35.19%.


The near futureDollar AmericanNew highs in turn gradually after rising fatigue, however, because of the supporting factors are still in, the dollar continues to hover in the vicinity of 103 high.

TodayLMEBase metals were closed for Christmas day and, in the case of lack of outer disc Guide, Shanghai metal trading continued the weak trend to continue downward shocks of last week, all varieties of attention near the lower support. As of right now, the market as a whole remained dominated by the air. Even if a technical anti-pumping action, above average pressure is still no small obstacle. (Shanghai Metal Market)