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2016 rising copper prices will remain volatile, buyers purchase early favorable

  • Author:Himake Admin
  • Release on:2016-12-07
    Whether the recent surge in copper prices caused copper terminal businesses off guard? SMM understood that cable companies the cost of uplift has caused some corporate profits get squeezed out, and part of the middle business of copper enterprises has thus been default, is even more stunning is that cable companies will be finished to sell copper scrap. But on the whole, because measures have been taken, cable companies have been hit less.


    Expectations of higher copper prices will continue to fluctuate before the end of 2016, so electric wire and power cable buyers earlier procurement plan is relatively favorable.

   In order to better appreciate and reward our customers, HIMAKE CABLE large-scale promotional activities will be held before the end of 2016, and minimise the effects of rising copper prices to their customers.